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Sarah Hanson-Young

Australian Greens Senator for South Australia

“The Parliament is there for all of us, not just the rich and powerful.

I’m proud to represent the people of SA and will always fight for a progressive Australia"

Latest News

Local children’s content quotas must be strengthened

The Australian Greens welcome the Federal Government reviewing local content requirements for children’s television on traditional commercial broadcasters and new streaming services. “This review must provide practical measures to strengthen Australian children television content for broadcasters and streaming services,” Greens arts and youth spokesperson Senator Hanson-Young said. “If the big...

Statement on Australian Greens position on Government education package

Statement from Australian Greens education spokesperson Senator Sarah Hanson-Young: I would like to clarify the Greens position on the government's schools funding bill. The Greens have not yet made a decision on the Government’s schools legislation. 

Uni students and young Australians to cop it in Turnbull’s Budget

The Australian Greens are concerned that, in the lead up to the Federal Budget, the government’s loyalties seem to lie with property investors and foreign owned mining companies over Australian university students.