Stop Pauline

Tell Pauline Hanson that excusing racial hate and violence is simply not acceptable.

I call on Pauline Hanson to join the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition in strongly condemning the disgusting racist attack on a Member of Parliament. Refusing to condemn this behaviour only gives cover to these racist rabble rousers. 

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Allan Robins
Sue McDonald
Julie Tait
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george mercier
peter Remi
Lesley Kirmsse
Mandy Mcfadyen
Melissa Vollebergh
Boukari Illiassou
Desley Clarke
Daphne Budisavljevic
Hugh Allen
David Shaw
Greg Norvill
Robert Tillmanns
H Holland
Tim Downes
Rich Batsford
John Langer
Yemaya Holliday
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