Stop Pauline

Tell Pauline Hanson that excusing racial hate and violence is simply not acceptable.

I call on Pauline Hanson to join the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition in strongly condemning the disgusting racist attack on a Member of Parliament. Refusing to condemn this behaviour only gives cover to these racist rabble rousers. 

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Caron Bowen
Ian Knight
Rosie Baker
Asylum Seeker Resource Centre
Scott Andrews
Quentin Dresser
Petar Vodogaz
Lisa Murray
Beverley Inshaw
Janet Taylor
Liz Millington
Maya Melamed
Rachel Macgregor
Margaret Prideaux
Susan Rahn
Fiorenza Jones
Jasemin Rose
Peter Kurz
Joan Cootes
Robert Thompson
John Teagle
Tania Panfilo
Paul Taylor
Carolynne Shakes
Clare McKenzie
Kath O'Brien
Claudette Cusack
stephen McIlveen
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