Marriage Equality

Why does marriage equality matter to you? 

I’ve been a long-term advocate for marriage equality. In the nine years that I’ve been in the senate we’ve watched on as countries like the UK, New Zealand, Ireland, Argentina and Germany have embraced marriage equality, while we’ve faced an uphill battle with conservatives in the parliament. Over that time, we’ve had poll after poll show the public is in favour of marriage equality.

We’ve marched, we’ve signed petitions, we’ve talked to our friends and family and we’ve lobbied politicians across the spectrum. We’ve fought long and hard for equality.

This week, advocates for marriage equality around the country wait with bated breath as the issue takes the national spotlight yet again. We’ve been here before, but it is hard not to get excited.

Any move for a postal plebiscite will be another blow to a community who have waited long enough. I stand with our LGBTIQ friends, who deserve the same rights as everybody else. We must all stand together if we want to make marriage equality a reality.

How you can help 

  • Support marriage equality by simply taking a selfie holding a sign calling for a #FreeVote. 

(Write it on your hand or even personalise a message on paper and put a big heart around it.) 
Upload it here and onto your own social media platforms. 

Together, we can get this done.


Who's signing

Steve Wheatley
Natasha Leuschel
Annie Thurnwald
Isabelle de Casanove
Sharon Bennett
Laura Russo
Pamalee Matthews
Dallas Westbrook
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