Fight for the Bight

After years of failed attempts and multiple knocked backs from the regulating authority, BP and Chevron have finally dropped their plans to drill for oil in the Great Australian Bight. Now it’s time to protect this natural wonder from oil and gas exploration once and for all.

Even though BP have finally pulled out, other companies like Statoil, Santos, Bight Petroleum and Karoon Gas Australia are lining up to drill in the Bight. South Australians understand that we can’t allow that to happen because the risks are just too great.

The entire South Australian coast along with sections of Victoria, WA, Tasmania and NSW are all in the firing line if we have a Gulf of Mexico style disaster in the Bight. A spill would be devastating for the environment and marine life as well as thousands of fisheries and tourism jobs across the country.

The Greens will campaign to permanently protect the Great Australian Bight from the companies that are trying to drill for oil and gas.

It’s time that we protected our Great Australian Bight.

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