High quality education

Every Australian, regardless of their postcode or financial situation, should have access to a high quality education.

This starts with our youngest Australians and the need to invest in early education and care. The Greens understand the importance of 'Universal Access' to childcare and have proposed that a guaranteed minimum of 24 hours of subsidised care should be offered to every Australian family each and every week.

When it comes to our schools, only a true needs-based funding model will give Australian children the future that they deserve.

The government will do anything to hide the fact that it wants to cut $3.9 billion from schools funding over the next few years, but it’s undeniable that we're still barrelling towards the Coalition’s schools funding cliff in 2018.

We need to have better schools in Australia and we'll only get that through proper investment and an improved, fairer funding model. 

When it comes to higher education, our Universities and Vocational Education providers must be protected from the government’s cuts as well as its obsession with deregulation and privatisation. Our students deserve better and our education institutions shouldn’t be put at threat.

Take Action

You can sign up to support the Greens’ call for a better approach to lifelong learning in Australia, from Early Childhood Education through to schools, TAFE and higher education here.

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