Defeat the TPP

Malcolm Turnbull and his Trade Minister have signed Australians up to a dodgy trade deal made by corporations, for corporations.

There’s a lot at stake. Together with dangerous ISDS clauses that allow corporations to sue Australia, causing cancer medication costs to go through the roof, and opening the door to more jobs flowing offshore as a start, it’s hard to see how this is a good deal.

We breathed a sigh of relief when the TPP was killed off early in 2017, but now the fight is back on. Together, we can defeat this zombie TPP deal.

This deal doesn’t come into effect in Australia without enabling legislation passing the Parliament and the Senate must shine a light on what exactly the Government is hitching  our wagon to.

We’re going to throw all we can at this deal to expose the dangers it poses to Australia, and to defeat it in the Parliament. Please sign and share this petition to help spread the word.

People power can defeat the TPP.

Can we count on you?

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