Adani is unbankable

CommBank CAN Stop the money

On 13th June CommBank's board will be presented with the bank's new climate change policy. They will have to make a decision whether or not to leave the door open to financing projects like Adani's terrible coal mine.

Westpac ruled out any prospect of financing Adani's mine because of community pressure - CommBank CAN too. 

Sign the petition and send your message - help us put pressure on to the CommBank board.


Dear Ian Narev, Chief Executive Officer of Commonwealth Bank Australia
and the CommBank Board Directors.

cc - David Cohen, Group Risk Officer and Rob Jesudason, Group Executive, International Financial Services.

As Directors of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia's Board and Group Executive it is your responsibility to ensure that CommBank does not fund Adani or other climate destroying projects.

On 13th June when your board is presented with the bank's new climate change policy it is our hope that you will make the right decision. Westpac ruled out any prospects of financing Adani's mine, CommBank CAN too. 

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