About Sarah

Since entering the Senate in 2008, Sarah has been a consistent voice calling for compassion and fairness in Australia. After being named a World Economic Forum, Young Global Leader in 2016, she will continue to stand up for the rights of vulnerable people in Australia and around the globe.
With a focus on equal access to world-leading schooling for all Australians, from Early Childhood Education through to TAFE and University, Sarah will continue the fight to make our country a fairer and more compassionate place.
She has backed diverse initiatives to encourage equality of opportunity for women and children and previously worked to establish a Commonwealth Commissioner for Children and Young People. She continues to call for responsible revenue creation, progressive taxation and sensible trade deals to be at the centre of all financial policy creation and for the protection of environmental treasure in her home state of South Australia.

Sarah's portfolios


Every Australian, regardless of their postcode or financial situation, should have access to a high quality education. Lifelong learning, from Early Childhood Education to school, TAFE and university, is the cornerstone of a strong, productive nation.


Finance and Trade

The responsible raising of revenue, progressive taxation and sensible trade deals should be the central principles of all financial policy. Equality and fairness should drive the creation of monetary policy, not the vested interests of big business and the wealthy.


Water and the Murray Darling Basin

Thanks to global warming, Australia’s water resources and the Murray Darling Basin are more important now than ever before. These shared, nationally significant assets must be protected for future generations.



Despite the Abbott/Turnbull Government’s best efforts, Australia is home to one of the strongest and most vibrant artistic movements in the world and we should be very proud of that.

Our artists need to be supported and encouraged with the creation of policies that recognise their intrinsic value to the culture of our nation.


Young Australians have been let down by successive governments over many decades. The next generation should play a central role in policy formation and they deserve to be listened to.


Sarah's achievements:

• Named a World Economic Forum, Young Global Leader in 2016

• Passed legislation through the Senate to release all children from immigration detention

• Assisted in securing free dental care, under Medicare, for 3.4 million Australian children

• Helped to protect indigenous communities from the harms of petrol sniffing

• Secured an office for the Commonwealth Commissioner for Children and Young People

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